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Top 4 Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Options

In many cases, Christian homeschool curriculum provides better education to students than traditional schools, while also integrating Christian values into their curriculum.

For example, while learning ancient history, the chapters will contain important information from the Bible and why those accounts are so important and how to explore the world from God’s perspective.

But picking the right homeschool curriculum that provides such teaching isn’t easy to say the least. You need to compare the programs of different schools before shortlisting a few. Here is a list of schools with different kindergarten homeschool curriculum options.

1. Abeka

Abeka has been around for more than four decades now. With so many years of experience under their belt, you can expect your child to learn a lot right from kindergarten.

Abeka is not Common Core based and teaches everything from a Biblical perspective. Their comprehensive curriculum comes with engaging textbooks that make learning fun for kids. Here’s a breakdown of their kindergarten homeschool curriculum:

• Phonics – Students will engage in sequenced activities that focus on consonants, vowels, one- and two-vowel words, special sounds, and blends. Over the years, this part of the curriculum has helped to produce thousands of efficient readers. Your child will learn new words and improve his/her vocabulary once he/she finishes this course.

• Reading – Once students build a solid foundation on phonics, they will move on to reading. This includes reading small sentences first before shifting to long paragraphs. The innovative learning method involves allowing homeschool students to read to other students so that they get a practical experience of reading from an early age.

• Manuscript writing – Tracing letters usually take time. But Abeka’s hands-on approach makes this stage a child’s play. Manuscript writing aims to improve the handwriting of students. Your child will learn the qualities of neatness by carefully forming letters while writing.

• Numbers and development skills – This lesson starts with memorizing numbers up to 10. Children will be able to identify which number comes after what. They will also learn to recognize numbers up to 100 and move to the basics of addition and subtraction.

Abeka provides one-step story problems that help to understand addition quickly. When it comes to developing skills, Abeka has its own books that contain directed-art pages, mazes, and coloring pages. It aims to improve your child’s visual perception, thinking and listening skills, and hand-eye coordination.

2. Time4Learning

The kindergarten homeschool curriculum options in Time4Learning help to build a strong foundation in language arts, science, and math. Its award-winning common core curriculum features tons of engaging lessons and activities, all aimed to allow students to learn at their own pace. Let’s take a detailed look at their curriculum contents:

• Math – With dozens of fun activities, the core focus of this curriculum is at helping students recognize numbers up to 10. They will also learn how to sort different objects, concepts of which number is more and which number is less, basic addition and subtraction lessons, and recognizing and creating different patterns.

The curriculum leans towards learning with practical activities and so you can expect lessons to contain different themes.

• Language arts – Language arts contain 22 chapters that cover multiple topics including reading, writing, and vocabulary development. The initial lessons start with letters. Students start to become aware of different letters and how they sound when you speak them.

The curriculum also teaches about the relationships of words to sentences and letters to words. Additionally, the lesson will contain listening to stories so that students can develop their basic vocabulary.

• Science – Fun songs, hands-on projects, simple experiments, and interactive activities make the science curriculum an award-winning one that helps students learn about the concepts clearly. Science is mostly about a clear concept in mind.

Time4Learning exposes students to multiple concepts, such as energy sources, exploring the universe, animals, heat energy, and living and nonliving things. Students get access to educational games that help to gather knowledge about these topics and have a clear concept of the lessons.

3. Five in a Row

Five in a Row follow common core guidelines in homeschool curriculum but also integrate Christian values. It covers a variety of topics like social studies, math, science, art, literature, and language arts.

Every child gets hands-on training in each subject so that they don’t need to rely completely on textbooks to learn new chapters. Here is a complete breakdown of the kindergarten homeschool curriculum options:

• Literature – Literature selections mainly contain stories from the Bible that boost moral values. The stories relate to how students should see the world from God’s point of view. Each story establishes a new moral value so that students can become good human beings later.

• Phonics – Students will learn about different vowels and consonants and their differences. They have to identify the vowels and consonants from different words.

This curriculum goes on to describe how different words sound when students speak them. This is an attempt not only to help students learn the basics of words and sentences but also improve their vocabulary.

• Math – From recognizing numbers to learning how to add and subtract, the math curriculum for Five in a Row is spectacular. It consists of tons of class activities where students need to identify and sort different objects, explain which number is less or more, and use different objects to how addition and subtraction.

The activities in this program are easy to understand and follow. Kindergarten students usually love to learn while playing and Five in a Row follows that concept from the first day.

• General skills – All students may not excel in studies later. That’s why they should explore their skills from an early age. Five in a Row also has options for coloring books, art pages, and puzzle-solving lessons that identify which area your child excels in.

4. Sonlight

Sonlight believes in the saying that giving your child an opportunity to learn is like gifting them a secure future. Therefore, it prepares its curriculums in such a way that they contain Biblical lessons that students can relate to their daily life.

Here’s everything you need to know about the different kindergarten homeschool curriculum options:

• Language arts – This lesson starts with the alphabet and letter sounds. Students will learn to read books and improve their vocabulary. Each student needs to focus on how to spell different words, identify vowels, and consonants, and share their knowledge with the teachers.

• Handwriting – After reading, the curriculum moves to your child’s writing skills. It consists of top handwriting programs that include writing in cursive style. With sheer focus on letter formation, this chapter involves various fun activities that keep students engaged in their lessons for hours.

• Science – Eyes of an insect, the heat of the sun, and growth of plants are some of the basic lessons covered in this curriculum. As students learn these chapters, they will also get knowledge of matter, forces of nature, and energy. Every week, students engage in experiments regarding the topic they had just finished. This hands-on approach helps them understand the concepts better.

• Math – In addition to identifying numerals, students also learn about basic counting, skip counting, time telling, geometric shapes, and addition and subtraction. The lesson-based activities not only help to introduce the concept but also improve their learning ability.

With so many curriculum options, which one do you think will suit your child? Compare them, and enroll your kid to one of the homeschools for better learning.

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