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Homeschooling can be one of the best choices that a parent can make. When it is done right, not only does a child learn better than in public school, but the bond between parents and their children also grows much stronger.

Not to mention that parents can choose which values to instill in their children, guiding them in life according to their own beliefs and viewpoints.

In 2020 many parents are considering homeschooling after having to have finished last year at home. Either because they enjoyed the experience, or because of fear of another outbreak this school season.

Whatever the reason that a parent decides to homeschool their children, there are many advantages. However, there are just as many obstacles in getting started out! Most parents are overwhelmed at first by the responsibility and then by the numerous options out there.

There is no need, however, to be frustrated or overwhelmed. Many parents have been successful, and it really is a lot easier than it may seem at first.

The aim of this article is to provide information on some of the most popular homeschooling options out there. We will concentrate on accredited homeschool programs that start with kindergarten and are therefore available right from the start.

Let’s start out by understanding what it means when a program is accredited.

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What are Accredited Homeschool Programs?

Picking a curriculum or course is the most basic decision that a parent has to make when deciding to homeschool their child. There are plenty of websites that post suggested daily lessons, Facebook groups that post what parents are using, and plenty of clubs, associations, and chatrooms where parents who homeschool can showcase their curriculum. Most of these options, however, are not accredited.

An accredited homeschool program is inspected and examined by an outside agency. The fact that a third party has inspected and evaluated a program gives certain credibility and attests to its trustworthiness. There are several advantages to using such a program.

Many accreditation agencies are also inspected and approved by a third party or by government agencies. Not all accreditation agencies are the same. However, it is easy to find out about them online.

Advantages of Using Accredited Homeschool Programs

The primary benefit to accredited homschool curriculum is that the student will have greater chances of being accepted in certain colleges, if they choose to attend.

Another significant advantage is that most accredited programs keep track of transcripts and grades, keep up with the child’s records, and they also usually offer diplomas.

All of this is important for communication with the local school district where that is necessary. It is also important for furthering a child’s education later on.

The peace of mind that results from knowing that a child is getting the proper education and learning the right information for their age group is also important. Homeschooling parents who don’t use accredited programs regularly complain about the stress and anxiety of wondering if they are teaching the right material.

Another very common worry of homeschooling parents is socialization and the lack of classroom peers. The advantage of accredited curriculums is that it is usually much easier to network, finding groups that use the same curriculum. Often, parents organize activities, online or in person, so that children who do the same course can have the opportunity to socialize.

Abeka Academy
Accredited: Yes
Courses offered: Preschool through High-School
Common Core Method: No

This accredited school is the first on our list; it offers exceptionally high-quality instruction with many perks. The founders opened up a Christian school in Florida in 1954; due to their success, they soon began producing educational books and eventually video education. In 2014 they put it all together in a homeschooling program, and in 2017 they changed their name from A Beka Book to Abeka.

While they do not use the common core method, many of their techniques meet or surpass Common Core State Standards (CCSS). In order to keep their high standard of teaching and Christian values, they decided not to completely adapt to CCSS.

Their homeschooling course has double accreditation. They are accredited by the MSA CESS and FACCS, therefore they have both a state accreditation and a religious accreditation as well.

Interestingly they also offer the option of not following the accredited program. The two options are at the same price. While it may seem strange to opt-out of the accreditation option some parents may decide not to follow it in order to enjoy more flexibility.

However, remember the main advantage of using their accredited program, that it comes with official report cards & transcripts, standardized testing, and a diploma.

Accredited: Yes
Courses offered: Kindergarten through High-School
Common Core Method: No

While the practice of homeschooling literally goes back thousands of years, it can be said that Calvert created the modern homeschooling experience.

They started as a correspondence school in Maryland 110 years ago, and they have had a progressive attitude ever since. They have taught over six-hundred thousand students in all fifty states in addition to ninety countries around the world. Calvert, therefore, deserves to be near the top of this list.

Calvert has very prestigious accreditations, they were accredited from the NCA CASI of AdvancED, and they earned the highest educational standards for excellence.

They keep meticulous records and transcripts, even adapting them to the student’s needs as defined by the state that they live in. Their official high school transcripts are exactly what is needed to enter into a college or university.

Alpha Omega Academy
Accredited: Yes
Courses offered: Kindergarten through High-School
Common Core Method: No

The Alpha Omega Acadamy is an award-winning Christian school. The school started out in 1992, offering email-based correspondence for elementary school children and has since converted to a digital base and offers K-12.

Not only are they accredited, but they offer an internationally accredited diploma. They are accredited from the following agencies: ACSI, NCA CASI, and SACS CASI.

One of the highlights of the Alpha Omega Academy is that it is very flexible and tailors classes to individual students. This is a feature that most accredited schools do not include, since the accreditation generally makes them more rigid.

They also offer exceptional one on one attention from their qualified online teachers.


The three schools mentioned in this article are among the best-accredited homeschool courses online. While there are many more out there, it is a good idea for parents to start with these and not accept lower standards.

When a school claims to be accredited, it is a good idea to look into the agency that accredited them in order to understand how valuable the accreditation is.

The decision to choose an accredited course is a very noble one. As we have seen in this brief article, there are many advantages to it and many reasons not to accept a non accredited school. Many schools offer free trial periods online that can help understand the way that the course works.

Another suggestion is to look on youtube. Most schools that offer homeschooling courses produce high-quality videos that explain their course.

Many homeschooling parents also post videos that show the course and give their opinion of it. So Youtube is a great way to get your bearings or understand the characteristics of a course.

We hope that this article has helped to explain what accredited homeschool programs are and point you in the right direction. We wish you a happy homeschooling experience!

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